The market-leading software

Clear cost-efficiency benefits from complete and organized management of all your institution's information.

User-friendly interface

A practical, intuitive and easy-to-adapt experience

Price adjusted to needs

Selection of the plan that best fits the institution's needs.

Approved by professionals

Used by hundreds of professionals and in compliance with RNCCI and SS standards, guidelines and recommendations.

In all devices

Computer, smartphone or tablet and no need for local installations.

Free updates

We provide free updates that take into account the latest technological, scientific and methodological developments.

Efficient communication

Functionalities suited to each area and ease of communication between multidisciplinary teams.

Training and support

Support for initial configurations and free ongoing training.

Making the most of your time

Less time duplicating records, more time for the user.

More organization

Information organized, accessible and editable in a single place, without multiplying efforts.

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